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We offer a broad selection of high-quality apparel from top brands. We guide you through choices best suited for your line of work so your staff gets the job done effectively, stays comfortable in extreme conditions, and maintains professionalism for an improved customer experience, time after time.

Investment in apparel and uniforms is a sizable commitment yet essential to promoting your brand. With our experience in uniform and apparel programs, we will guide you to make smart choices that align with your business, the needs of your team and your brand.

We go beyond promotions.

We inquire, assess and advise to recommend the best options for you:

  • Is the brand meeting quality, professionalism and safety concerns for my business?
  • Is the apparel durable, breathable and comfortable?
  • What material and brand is ideal for extreme climate and working conditions?
  • Does the apparel meet the safety requirements for my employees?

After we work with you to identify your needs, we will develop an apparel program to support your team and effectively and professionally represent your brand.

We are backed by AIA, one of the top promotional distributors in the U.S. This means you enjoy the personal attention, flexibility and commitment of an owner backed by AIA’s buying power, financial support and uniquely competitive opportunities.

Trust us as the smart source to effectively source and fulfill your apparel needs.

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