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How do we do it?

We help you make a brand impact with the right products, at the right quality and price. And we simplify the process to make your job easier.

Your smart source for branded apparel and products.

We have the experience and network to create powerful branded apparel, uniform and promotional product programs that produce results.

Whether you need shirts for the golf course or the warehouse, whether you are outfitting the sales team or the service crew, we will outfit your team with apparel they love to wear and we will make sure your brand impact delivers.

Once we understand your goals and corporate culture, we will guide you to the exact products that will deliver the impression, quality, functionality and durability you need.

Your smart source for strategic buying power.

Promo Resources is a privately owned business and a franchisee of AIA, one of the top promotional distributors in the U.S.

This means you enjoy the personal attention, flexibility and commitment of an owner backed by AIA’s buying power, financial stability and uniquely competitive opportunities with the highest caliber suppliers and top brands in the market. You can buy with confidence knowing we will deliver great quality, great pricing and compliance in the manufacture and distribution of your branded products.

Your smart source for simplified solutions.

We make it easy to implement and manage your branded products programs with advanced services and solutions. We can provide an online merchandising site for your locations or customers. We also support needs for local warehousing, fulfillment services and usage forecasting to ensure your ordering patterns align with your usage trends and you never run out of essential branded products.

To learn more about our services please contact us at 512-306-877 or email

A Strategic Approach to Branded Merchandise

Smart product choices, smart supply chain, smart solutions.